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Stone Coated, the roofing you've never heard of...

I would be willing to bet that if you asked 10 Metal Roofing Contractors about Stone Coated Metal Roofing you would get that look that says they probably don't know much. With metal roofing becoming more and more popular, Stone Coated Metal Roofing has somehow managed to go unnoticed to home owners and roofing contractors alike. At Billings Metal Roofing we believe it is time to share the facts and give stone coated metal roofing its time in the spotlight. 

Let's talk about the steel

Our metal roofs are as strong as steel because they are steel.  Typically, the shingle consists of several layers. At the core is what is called Galvalume Aluminum-Zinc Alloy Coated steel Sheets are galvanized with both zinc and aluminum. This system of galvanizing the metal roof panel insures the durability and heat resistance. One of the benefits of Stone Coated Metal Roofing is that it will keep your attic up to 30% cooler, reducing the load on your AC units, Saving you money now and in the future. 

What is Stone Coating?

3M is the worlds leader when it comes to suppliers of specialty granules used in the manufacture of asphalt shingles and Stone Coated Metal Roofing. They have developed, over the years, granules that provide a large selection of color choices. There are granules that reduce smog, that reflect heat, that provide energy savings, and most importantly they last, and they are bonded to our steel. 

What is the life span?

How long should you expect your roof to last? Metal roofing doesn't denigrate over time like paper or fiberglass will. Some metal roofs can be painted, coated, or otherwise refreshed and brought back to life. Stone Coating on steel barracks, hangers, and other military buildings was used often during world war 2. I know of these buildings withstanding even fire, from within and without. Stone Coated Metal Roofing has become one of the smartest choices in the metal roofing industry. 


Any type or style of metal roofing will always look better in the test of time. on  How long should you expect your roof to last?  It seams like a 50 year warranty is standard in the roofing industry, any kind of roofing it seams, come with a 50  warranty, but when you look at a heavily pro-rated warranty you see it loses value quickly and in the case of an asphalt shingle it isn't worth the paper its printed on in 7-10 years, losing 15-20% yearly. 


Stone Coated Metal Roofing has become one of the best investment choices in the metal roofing industry. With Federal and State Tax Credits available, energy savings, strength, durability and return on investment there has never been a better time to consider Stone Coated Metal Roofing. Call your metal roofing contractors today!

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The Install

It been said, when it comes to roofing it is all in the install. Metal roofing contractors know that is true. Although our Stone Coated Metal Roofing System can be installed with only four tools, I would not suggest that anybody can do it. Roofs today can get complicated and several trim pieces may come into play. All of our trim pieces aid in ease of install, and carry the same coatings and under coatings that our shingle does insuring our install is water tight, weather proof and able to last a life time. 

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