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Installing abc Seamless Steel Siding, Energy Star Windows and Signature Stone Coated Metal Roofing

Here we are installing abc Seamless Steel Siding, Energy Star AMI Replacement Windows and Signature  Stone Coated Metal Roofing. 

The Beginnings: Custom Steel and Vinyl Products

Billings metal roofing company

The Story, as I remember it started over 40 years ago with a family owned Exterior Home Improvement company called Custom Steel Products. Back then we teamed with US Steel to bring steel siding to home owners thru out Montana and Wyoming. Vinyl siding was just coming onto the scene back then and we introduced Custom Steel and Vinyl Products to the Sacramento, CA market in 1985. Teaming with Alside, and AMI we were able to bring the siding and replacement window markets together. We still install AMI energy star windows and they definitely stand the test of time. 

Partnering with abc Seamless

abc seamlesso

Home can be where the heart is, and sometimes the heart is in Montana. I know for me, I’ve been lucky enough to have lived and worked in several locations but I always had a yearning to make Montana my home again. In 1990 the Custom Steel and Vinyl Products Family decided to buy into the abc Seamless franchise system an make the headquarters Billings, MT, with satellite stores in Sheridan, Cody, Gillette, Bozeman and Butte..  We became part of the worlds largest seamless steel siding company and their tried and true systems enabled us to better serve the Montana and Wyoming markets as siding and metal roofing contractors

The different styles And designs

Exploding into the Metal Roofing Market

Our roofers are installing Stone Coated Metal Roofing in Casper, WY

Abc Seamless, a siding company, exploded into the seamless steel roofing market with a horizontally installed seamless steel roof. Abc Metal Mart was organized and incorporated in 2010 as a manufacturing branch of the local business. Abc Metal Mart manufactures its own custom seamless steel roofing know as standing seam metal roofing (vertically installed). Many custom installation parts and roofing materials are manufactured here in Billings. Also a wholesaling company was born out of this and abc Metal Mart began serving metal roofing contractors and do-it-yourselfers thru our wholesaling warehouses in Sheridan and Cody. 

Seamless Steel Roofing

abc seamless steel roofing

This is abc's horizontally installed Metal Roofing Panels. It is the same concept as standing seam metal roofing it just runs horizontally. Check out a video of our roofing contractors doing an installation and transformation by clicking the picture.

Custom Manufactured Gutter Guards

abc seamless hurricane leaf guards

Along with Verticle Standing Seam Panels we custom manufacture assessories and items like seamless leaf and ice protectors for your gutter. 

Introducing Stone Coated Metal Roofing

Introducing RoofKo

stone coated metal roofing


Driven to make our products better, simpler, easier to install, and to perform at absolute peak levels the RoofKo Coated Metal roofing system was introduced. This system is revolutionizing the roofing industry. Especially here in Montana and Wyoming where a typical asphalt roofing shingle is expected to last only 7-10 years. The United States Army Corp of Engineers accidently introduced Stone Coated Systems during World War II. They would spray hangers, supply buildings and the like to preserve the buildings. And roofing contractors  began using the roof system residentially in the 1950’s. Today the styles and designs of Stone Coated Steel Roofing are virtually endless. There is no roofing application that Stone Coated is not a perfect match for. Check out the picture of the Sidewall application. Isn’t that nice? 

Sidewall Application

Our roofers installed this in Billings, MT and Cody, WY

Looking good here in this sidewall application. We replaced the cedar shake with permanent, maintainance free Stone Coated Metal Roofing with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Call us today, click the picture above, or the link below to connect instantly. Thank you, we look forward to visiting with you soon.

We're here and ready to mobilize

Roof Repairs and maintenance  removing ice jams

Winter weather can be tough on your typical asphalt shingle. Spring in on its way but your roof may not be the same. Click the picture to contact us now and we would be happy to do a through roof inspection of your roof and attic, we offer a free consultation and a  5 year roof certification (valued at $250) upon completion. Click the Picture now. 

the classic look of standing seam

Investment Grade Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Standing Seam Metal Roofing -  Cody, WY

We have been visiting about Residential Metal Roofing for 41 Years now and every now and again we mention a metal roof and people look at us like, "what do you think, that I live in a barn?" It isn't that way at all. There are, between the different styles and designs of metal roofing, 40 different colors and textures. Whether you like the Classic look of Standing Seam Metal Roofing or the Traditional look of Stone Coated Metal Roofing you in good hands with our metal roofing contractors here in Billings, Sheridan, and Cody. Serving all of Montana and Wyoming since 1978. 

The Classic Look of Standing Seam

Standing Seam Metal Roofing - Sheridan, WY

Years ago, as it is today, most of our Standing Seam Roof projects are new construction. Our Roofing contractors in Sheridan, Cody, Billings, and Bozeman know the value of Investment Grade Metal Roofing and love showing it off. Call today, and let's get started!

The perfection of a Skilled Craftsman

Standing Seam Metal Roofing - Bozeman, MT

Get the facts about Metal Roofing today! Reach out to us here at Billings Metal Roofing and we will show you your way around the benefits of Investment Grade Standing Seam or Mechanical Lock Metal Roofing. We want to be your roofing contractors throughout Montana and Wyoming. 

When it comes to home improvement residential metal roofs are gaining in popularity nationwide and probably more so here in Montana and Wyoming. The standards in the metal panel world have always been standing seam metal roofing and mechanical lock. These two types of metal roofing systems are often referred to as concealed fastener because the fasteners are hidden within the standing seam panels and are not exposed to the elements. The opposite, an exposed fastener roofing system is typically called a tuff rib. The fasteners or screws are screwed into the face of the metal panel in then into the roof deck. The fasteners tend to pop as the roof expands and contracts. They eventually loosen and lessen the life of the roof making the true standing seam roof the better investment for residential applications. Check out our gallery of roofing materials here. 

Billings Metal Roofing ties it all together

Billings Metal Roofing was born out of the need to group this all together in the world of the internet. Now everything can be found at one electronic location. We want to be your roofing contractors and hope that our site is interactive, easy to use and easy to find the answers you are looking for, whether your gathering info about seamless steel siding, windows or metal roofing, ultimately, we hope it is easy for you to contact us via all social media, email, by calling direct or by stopping by a store here in Billings, or our satelites in Sheridan, Bozeman and Cody. We will look forward to visiting with you soon.